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Presenter: Darlene Pyeatt


Presenter: Kang

German Research

Presenter: Paul Work

Intro to Family History

Presenter: Sherry Burns

Ancetral Patriarchal Blessings

Learn to use the Patriarchal Blessings tool from to round out the stories of your ancestors.

Presenter: John Schneider


Presenter: TBA

Intro to FamilySearch

Presenter: Bob Winkel

DNA Basics

This presentation discusses the three kinds of DNA – Y DNA, Mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA), and autosomal DNA (at DNA, including the X chromosome) and how to interpret your test results.

Presenter: Lisa McCullough

Introduction to US Probate Records

This class will be an introduction to the records that are associated with the probate process. Probate refers to the general administering of a deceased person's will or the estate of a deceased person without a will. We will cover the court documents that are used to settle an estate. A probate file may contain: wills, petitions, administrative or executive bonds, inventories of property, sales of property, accounts, distributions, guardianships, indentures, and court cases. Occasionally they may contain genealogies, newspaper clippings, manumissions and more. Each of these records will contain names and places that will help in constructing a history of deceased individuals and their families.

Presenter: Kate Albertson

The Power of Family Search Wiki

Not even the most brilliant genealogist can keep all the information for each and every place they research in their minds, and this is particularly true for US families who immigrated from multiple countries and then moved easily throughout the United States. If you research in more than one country or more than one state, come learn to harness the power of Family Search Wiki, the repository of all genealogical research knowledge.

Presenter: Megan Wright

FamilySearch Power Use - Beyond the Basics

Presenter: Brad York

Jumpstart Your Autosomal DNA Discoveries

This presentation is designed for someone who has taken an autosomal DNA test (Ancestry, 23andMe, My Heritage, Family Tree DNA and Living DNA). You will be shown how to setup your Ancestry and My Heritage DNA accounts for optimal results. The other company sites can be set up similarly. From there, we will discuss transferring your raw DNA data to other DNA testing companies and/or third-party sites, and creating cousin networks.

Presenter: Lisa McCullough

Cemetary Records

Presenter: Keith Pyeatt

Following a Female Head of House: A Case Study

Presenter: Megan Wright